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Online Teaching Techniques --> Course Delivery

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

In an e-learning environment, learners have a higher sense of comfort and security when they are convinced that someone will be there to support them and make their learning experience a successful one.

I will take the time to find out what my students needs are so I can help them be a successful learner.

I found it interesting to see all the different tasks and support that will be on us as instructors.

Structure of content is key followed by knowledgeable instructors. I will be using feedback from students and instructors in order to keep the content up to date, fresh and inviting.

I will learn to amiliarize myself to the CMS that my institutin uses, as well as be cognizant of the fact that many students have different knowledge levels regarding on line courses and their delivery system

In order to be a successful online math instructor, I must familiar with the CMS my instruction uses, but I also have to discover an efficient way to bridge the gap between a typical classroom environment when students can ask questions and an online and mostly asynchronous delivery model where the same questions cannot be asked and answered the same way. In classes where supplemental online tools such as Pearson's MyLab are used in addition to CMS, the stakes are even higher because students must not only comprehend the material, but must familiarize themselves with the tool they must use to solve problems.


The online environment has come a long way in the years that I've been teaching. There are so many tools that are available to us as instructors, including the CMS and the ability to have live video lectures. In addition to knowing your CMS and the online tools that are available, it is also import to know the deadlines that you, as an instructor, are responsible for. We expect our students to know and abide by deadlines and we must do the same. Also, knowing how to contact technical support is crucial. When students need IT support it helps to have those contact numbers readily available because students can get really frustrated when they're in an online class and they are having computer issues. 

I learned that being over confident in a face to face can be a down side to you being an affective Admissions Representative,

on a phone conversation creating a list to cover in a limited time frame is making sure you cover the most inportant in your conversation time frame. 


I think this is a great tool with basic explanation and understanding of diffrent types of communications and how they are perceived. In the end, is best to be prepared and know how to best communicate something, and how, to better emit a message.

Communication is argueably one of the most important things to be aware of when working in customer service. It determines how a person feels about you, and more importantly the institution. I enjoyed reading about how body language  is so much more important than I would have thought it was. I figured tone of voice was the most important. I learned quite a bit about the different forms of common communication and how they can be more or less effective in some ways.

This was useful information covering online course structure, instructor roles, responsibilities, and expectations, as well as planning considerations when building and teaching an individual curriculum. I also thought the attention paid to address good communication was vital to the success of an online instructor. I will be applying the module structure to build my course moving foward.


It's imparitive that the online instructor is familiar with the information to be delievered and set expections and boundaries in the CMS.

Most instructors are subject matters experts on the content, it's know how the back end of the on-line technology portion that can be challenging. Instructors who know what a student sees and completes via on-line have much more success and students are content knowing the instructor is their technology resource. 

To make sure that I look over all subject matter first and familiarize myself with the structure and content of the particular class. Make sure I have access to all roster and coursework for the students prior to start day. Also to make sure that I am offer everything learning too that I can to assist the students to be successful within the course.


Make sure I learn how the navigate the system before making assignments for the students. Also, undertand that students might have some challenge using an online platform but faculty should make sure students understand how to navigate system. A CMS allows faculty to organize groups and group chats for assignments, develop course roster and input course grades. 

I understand the importance of being able to navigate through the CMS and be available to insure my students are successful. I'm a little intimidated, having never taught online; yet, I'm excited to rise to the challenge and make it engaging for my students.


Learned that online quality online courses are characterized by Stuctrual Integrity, navigational simplicity, intellectual interaction, active learne-centered learning

I learned that as an online instructor - there are several ways to interact with the students and make sure that they are undersatnding the information in which you are delivering.

Student success will hinge on successful navigation within the CMS. Hosting an orientation prior to the start of the course is beneficial and can increase student confidence. The orientation can also resolve any connectivity issues and prevent students from getting behind in the course.

To ensure success with e- learning structure is key. As an instructor I need to have full understanding of the online platform I am using to effectively convey information. Communication was a topic of concern initially, but now I have been enlightened on the various forms of communication with students with online learning. 


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