Barbara Patton

Barbara Patton

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The training has been very affective in providing an insight into the knowledge and skills needed to use what you have learned to be affecrive in the workplace. As an adviser you have to be open to new ideas. It is important to share your knowledge and action plan with others to get different points of view which can be an eye opener for your students 

 "Making the connection"  what really hit home for me is how important Bonding is for effective communication.


I agree with your response Peter, active listening skills does build trust and helps the person feel as if they are not just being talk to but you heard what they needed to say. 

 Learning just how important that three goals of communication is to a student 

1. Being aware of body lanuage 

2. reflect and rephrase

3. Clarify when i am not sure of what the student is saying 

Knowing the difference between Emphathy vs Sympathy


I learned that being over confident in a face to face can be a down side to you being an affective Admissions Representative,

on a phone conversation creating a list to cover in a limited time frame is making sure you cover the most inportant in your conversation time frame. 


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