Miriam Levy Moreno

Miriam Levy Moreno

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Online teaching is here to stay. We have to design interactive classes that will keep our students engaged.


Communication, feedback and interactive format will keep students engaged.


It is very important to allow students to be a passive learning if that will help to absorb and understand better


Planning acompanied with good time managements is necessary for active learning.


When companies opened the door to VI few years ago, they decided to keep it open forever. VI is here to stay.


First time I heard about virtual externships. Something to look into for future references.


Well developed games and simulations can be used as a communication tool.


Games are  resources for the students to help them to communicate with other students.


The using of games might be challenging for some student with lack of technology knowledge.


The using of games allow the student to apply their knowledge towards a goal.


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