Lucy Bobeck

Lucy Bobeck

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Personalize the message.  Validate the concerns and emotions of the student.  Talk at length later if you cannot talk at the time the student is anxious.


It's all about the relationship you have with the students.  Some are more engaged than others, but there should be some way of finding out what makes each student tick.


If students have complained that online classes (asynchronous) do not involve the opportunity to ask questions and get quick responses from instructors, the instructor can set up a set hour for students to chat with the instructor.

A student will not have to take time to travel and may not have to change their class schedule.  A student will learn how to work with minimal supervision.


In the age of COVID it is important to have the option of VI's, a student can still excel in a VI.  The information on VI scams was invaluable.

If transferring from F2F to online or the reverse, it may be easier to just create a whole new coursse.   
Let your personality shine through, but don't give too much personal information away.


Be clear and concise, avoid sarcasm, jokes as these may be taken literally.


A caring atmosphere with an open-door policy.  Staff with the ability to connect with students.  Use of GradMax.  Awards and other recognition.

Reiterate what the student has shared - this should initiate more conversation with the student.


The way the student sees the school as caring about them and their goals is critical.


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