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Understanding the 7 principles of learning is a great foundation for online classroom environment. 

Intership scams was something I did not know about until taking this module. Interesting information

Making sure to always improve your communication and clearly explain the task. This will reduce the amount of confusion and have the mental stamina to perform their assignments online. 

Instructors that are teaching online need to be aware of their students and disabilities. 

Different testing and evaluations must be executed depending on assignments, learning objectives, and other aspects to your learning environment. 

Active learning is a great way to keep students engaged and curious to learn. It helps increase confidence in their ability to apply their knowledge.  

Understanding and really knowing my material during lecture I know how and when to ask questions for my students. I can tell by their body language how to ask the question. I want my students to gain confidence and knowledge. 

Understanding different learning styles greatly articulate or approach the lesson or lecture in different ways depending on my students or audience. 

Multiple sources of evaluations is best approach to understand every logical angle to improve on a module. 

The Rubrics is a great way to provide feedback to students, provide a consistent grading system, due to the objectives that are established for all students. 

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