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Dynamic Instructional Design | Origin: EL107

This is a general discussion forum for the following learning topic:

Designing Dynamic and Technology-Rich Learning Environments --> Dynamic Instructional Design

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

This course has breaked down a wide variety of information, explaining the different parts of Dynamic Instructional Design.

I like the diagram on dynamic forms of communication because it illustrates the potential interaction within a dynamic learning environment: student to teacher, student to self, student to student, and student to content. 

This course is providing me with benefits to instruction and effective ways to increase student's learning autonomy through technology.  I have learned that a Dynamic Learning Environment is where students are engaged and course interaction is maximized.  Thorugh this type of learning environment, the learning can be applied to real life experiences.   


I am particularly interested in the way the diagram on communication represents the many opportunities a learner has with multiple outcomes for learning. Then the learning can be applied to real-world situations in a Dynamic Learning Environment and it is what every classroom should be.


Designing a course on line that incorporate more scaffolding of concepts and with building at a higher level of critical thinking and clinical reasoning skills

I do like the concept of the scaffolding approach to e-learning and all of the various supports that are needed to be successful.  Support comes from not just the instructor but also in the form of additional resources, synchoronus chat sessions, self reflection, and asynchoronus chats.    

I have learned that dynamic learning allows use of the internent to provide student-to-teacher, student-to-student and content-to-student interactivity that increases engagement by allowing users to make more decisions about how and how much they learn. Scaffolding, often provided during synchronous sessions, and is critica to the effective use of these resources. Online resources can provide research, communications, and a platform for learnning production. I will incorporate these resources into my online learning.

Dynamic learning allows students to learn with scaffolded instruction in a way that fosters learning.   


While much of the course content was a review, I do appreciate the emphasis on teacher professional development to focus on instructional design over technology methodologies.  


This forum covered many topics that will strengthen me as an online teacher. This forum gave me the understanding that the internet provides many tools that allows for increased connectivity between students and teachers, students and students as well as students and content. There are various ways that the internet maximizes student engagement. Embedded links, blogs, videos etc. provide students the ability to explore and retrieve a plethora of information to enhance any lesson. I will be sure to use and incorporate many of the resources and tools that the internet has to offer to engage my students.

Dynamic learning is the perfered becaue it allows for differences in instructors choice and students needs. Students learn in different ways and the instructors are able to tap into the different learning styles with dynamic learning

I have learned ways in which dynamic instruction allows choice for students and teachers to better enhance their learning.  


I had not seen that particular diagram depicting a dynamic learning environment.  Even though I still occasionally revert to a linear method, I usually come back to a dynamic model for most learning experiences and activities.

I have learned that, to remain engaged, our students require a variety of different media and options to interact. The diagram is a great way to viualize what we can do to help our students do well in an online learning environment. To be honest, the diagram is not too far from the model for communication.

Dynamic Communication and the Online Classroom keep Student and Insrtructor engaged in learning. Students have the opportunities to explore both Instructor and other student thoughts plus researching the materials through content links from the Classroom. Learning then becomes more interactive and the overall learning is usually increased with the use of tehcnology. As Students learn the process they become more engaged in their own learning.


This course has enabled me to provide a course that will keep the students engaged and instill learning. 


Reply to Kim Black's post:MRS.BLACK!!!!!!

Dynamic instruction finds ways for instructors to use their talents and experience to reach learners of all abilities.  This is done through using technology in ways that students can understand and be interested in the topic that is presented.  There are many different things that can be used towards this goal such as blogs, wikis, and chats.

This is done through using technology in ways that students can understand and be interested in the topic that is presented. 

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