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Designing and Developing Online Courses --> Learning Activities

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

Great introduction for online platform...!!

The online course is set up properly for the student to navigate and find the information they are looking for.

Great introduction!!


I think the most interesting part of this module was thinking about the use of guest speakers and what that could look like. I feel they could also have the guest speaker video their presentation and students could read it that way as well. 


There are different methods of content delivery and communication including syncronous learning. This type of learning is similar to a traditional class setting in which participants meet at the same time, however in this educational modality, students and faculty meet online.

There is no limitation of online class activities , it is similar to onsite teaching modlaity.

I tend to use the interaction between students to evalaute each other work whaich is more easily applicable in online class than onsite one. 

Faculty in both the online environment and the on-ground classroom can deliver the same educational material to students. 

Great way to introduce a conversation.

Many aspects to consider when selecting a class platform.


Having a guest speaker is interesting and will be something I add to my lesson plan. 


During this lesson, I was reminded of the value of hyperlinks and how to embed additional readings or instructional videos without having the student to navigate away from lesson content.

Online classroom can still have the same type of learning evironment where students can be engaged such as opportunties to ask questions, have a live syncronous chat and asynchronous chats is a platform where students can leave message and attach a document for from an individual or a group.

I am new to elearning and found it interesting that all the activities that may occur inclass can be completed online through various platforms that allow students to receive instruction and use various ways to ask questions and recieve answers as their learning process progresses in the course. I need to learn how to navigate these platforms.


The analogies made between online and onsite learning environments are helpful in integrating the various modalities and providing a better understanding of how online Instructors can leverage the instructional strategies in an online learning environment. 

Both onground and online learning are basically the same other than face to face contact.  Both teacher and student must communicate effectively for the student to suceed in the class which they are taking.  

I have learned that most face-to-face or on-the-ground learning can be converted to online learning.

Very effective introduction

Guest speakers can be used, and all participants can interact.



Great introduction, however there were parts I could not download.

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