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Characteristics of Quality Online Courses | Origin: EL101

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Designing and Developing Online Courses -->  Characteristics of Quality Online Courses

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

Having modules and easy navigation to stimulate active learning makes complete sense to me in regards to having a quality online course. I can say in my pursuit for my BA, MHS, and now online education has very much so entailed these entities with inclusion of multisensory facets and tools for learning. My PhD program by far has the best online structure and is linear to what I have learned in this course thus far. 

Ver well designed course.

Stuctural integrity and navigational simplicity create a multi-sensory learning experience that results in higher levels of retention and quality e-learning.

I have learned a course has structural integrity to the extent that its content is segmented, and sequenced into coherent sections based on rational framework.

Quality online courses are well structured and easy to navigate to present content that's easily retainable for those taking the course.

From this I have learned that quality online programs should be broken down into sections or module that contain simple to follow path. This path should include information that makes sense, and has an intellectual quality that will benefit the learner. 


I have learned a course has structural integrity to the extent that its content is segmented, and sequenced into coherent sections based on rational framework.

Very well designed course, with tons of valuable content


The more organized the course can be, the better! Having modules and easy navigation is vital.
I think the more the students interact as well, the more engaged and focused they'll be.

Organization is key to a well developed online course. It needs to be easy to navigate but organized in an understandable way. Activities should engage the learner, and not just have them reading and clicking. Creating interactive activities is important to make sure learning occurs. 


Quality online courses require navigational simplicity as well as multisensory learning experiences to contribute to higher learning.


Use engagement and retention is heavily based on the students' ability to learn and retain key concepts.

active engangement help students to retain more knowelge and enhance their intellectual interaction 


The use of active engagement helps the student to better understand and retain the information taught. 


Very well designed course.


For me at this time, I hope to gain new ideas of how to make my online instruction more actively engaging. I have well-structured courses, however, this abrupt change to online is creating challenges in the area of engagement, so I look forward to learning new techniques. 

I had not thought of using quizzes as motivational activities. Now that I'm more comfortable making quizzes in CANVAS, I'll have to consider that possibility. 

The fact that an online course is well laid out and easy to navigate will help students feel confortable in their courses.

Focus on logical organization of the information so it flows for the learner.  Periodic checks for knowledge to assure the learner is building a strong foundation.


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