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Follow-up Plans for Student Learning | Origin: ED312

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Teaching to the Learning Styles of Allied Health Students --> Follow-up Plans for Student Learning

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I like the idea of having students in quarter 3 write something about the importance of research that they might want to remember when they start working in the field, and then I can mail that card to them. This might encourage graduates to use the medical library where they are working. 

Following up with students after graduation to see how they are meeting their goals is a great idea. You can also do this through social media once the student has graduated. This will also create a convenient network for graduates.

I find it so true that the impact was not necessarily the big things in class, but the many little things we do that adds up to student involvement and buy in, which leads to the students success.

Following the students success after graduation is a great feeling, having graduates that are employed come to speak to the students if also a great tool, if they can do it so can I! 

Great techniques that i will implement


I think it is very valuable to have alumni / graduates to speak with current students who are near graduation to provide them with insight.  Pending graduates can learn a lot from previous graduates and be able to minimize mistakes or misunderstandings. 

I started out as Know Me and I was put in front of class and had find my teaching style first. I then learned to communicate with students ina positive manner and then I moved on to learning to teach different types of students. I am learning new ways to communicate and instruct my students effectively everyday. This was one of the most interesting classes. 


Encouraging and assigning group works with students outside the classroom always gives good results.


Asking students to reach out later in life and email /  share success with current students

Group assignments have resulted in positive results in my leadership classes. Students were enaged, discussed ideas, and produced results.


Encouraging students to learn in groups would help cultivate a collaborative environment wherein students would also learn from their peers.


I'm in agreement with colleagues that group learning is a great tool to use when all of the group buy in to the process.


I plan to utilize the email method for former students to send me information about how they are doing and sending a small  prize to those that kekep in touch and udate me.

Pairing students up with a "buddy" who they can touch base with and encourage, seems like a great idea.

I like the idea of them having a buddy to follow up on what they were going to do at home to enhance their learning.


The importance of adaptation to different learning styles

I learned that there isn't just one correct way to teach students. A variety of teaching of methods should be used synergistically to maximize student investment in learning in the classroom. 

I learned how to be impactful to current and future students that the small things count.

Comment on Kathleen Watts's post: Thank goodness for social media platforms this was you can keep up with former students without be invasive.

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