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Being safe is the most important part of being a nurse. I must be safe to help others and teach the students

I must have good topics and helpful lectures that can enthrall students to strive

Its important to use the real world with how it relates in the lab. Although some of this may not take place all of the time, but, can help suffice for the students. 

I learned to hard way that everyone doesn't have basic computer literacy. It's critical to function in the current working world. Students should be encouraged to learn more. But also understand what the basic expectations are.

Students need to be encouraged to delve deeper into subjects that catch their interest.  But since there are frequent new innovations, also to continue to learn in their specialty area. Encourage professional affiliations to help spur that life long learner interest.

Students need to be aware of how they come across in 1:1 interactions and groups.  Being an active listeners, not interrupting, learning to work cooperatively in a groups, all help make a person a success in the work place,

Many students come to us without adequate writing skills. It's critical to be able to present as a professional, and to state something accurately and clearly.

Since critical thinking is so essential for success it's important that help the students to learn to think critically.

You need to know where your student is starting from.  Ask a set of questions or give a pretest.  Your planning will go a lot smoother if you can start from where they are rather than guess.

I like the idea of them having a buddy to follow up on what they were going to do at home to enhance their learning.


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