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Analyzing, assessment, reconstruction, logic, and independent judgement are elements required for critical thinking.  Providing the tools to students, enable them to assess and apply  subjective and objective analysis ,S&S presented by the patients. 

The different techniques useful to all learners, that can improve  student performance

  Understanding the different types of learners and providing multiple learning tools, to engage each student becomes instrumental in their success.  All forms of the learner provided in this course can be used for students. 

The importance of adaptation to different learning styles

I will use the 60 second assessment, as maybe an icebreaker at the start of class.  This will allow students to have an advantage and maybe improve their ability to pass. 

Additional learning styles. and techniques to improve the learning process for students.  All styles are useful to determine the best learning process for each student.

Adaptation of the learning styles of students can improve outcomes.   Kinesthetic, Integer & Loner techniques can be a part of the learning process, based on analysis bu the instructor.


  What I understand from this module.  For the Y Z generation critical thinking is the missing learning objective.  With all of the ability that technology has provided for the Y Z generation from birth, they have been cripppled with process, and spoon fed, with the ease of obtaining knowledge.  what required research in the past is a tap away.  Critical thinking is an essential part of problem solving in every aspect of life.  As teachers we will be required to provide critical thinking as a part of the learning applications.


Success as an instructor / teacher requires Differentiated Instruction,Differentiated Content and Differentiated Assessment.  Implementation of DI, DC, & DA can provide diverse learning methods to include cultural, generational and gender instructional planning. 

 The module references the  importance that the instructor recognize and implement , various forms of teaching methods to reach all students based on effective multigenerational instructional practice and methology.  To be a successful instructor it becomes mandatory to support every student to success by providing various forms of teaching methods.


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