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Evaluation at Internship Sites | Origin: ED207

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Outside the Classroom: Experiential Learning --> Evaluation at Internship Sites

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That the information both from the student and the onsite coordinator are very important.

The Journal that the student must do will serve as a guide for evaluation and for future references.


Evaluation for Internship includes very important component, which is interpersonal skills, and oral communications. This will help the student intern to picture the future career and make plans accordingly. Professional feedbacks by the supervisors are fundamental for interns. The final evaluation of internship should include students’ progress, ability to learn, attitude, and attendance. 

An inturn diary or journal is an excellent way to help the inturn to grasp and remember all details of the learning objectives along with feedback is a win, win situation.

Timely communication and cooperation are important to the folks invloved in the inter process.

Effective communication between supervisors and interns is essential for all parties involved.  It's an opportunity for interns to communicate what is going well and what needs improvement.  It also allows supervisors the opportunity to discuss the progress of the intern.  It is a collaboration of multiple parties to ensure that everyone's needs are being met and are provided an opportunity for constructive criticism.


Give feedback quickly.  Communication is important on both side of the internship


Student journal will serve as a good reference for future job applications. Journal should be detailed with specifics as to procedures the student learned, software (with version number) the student developed experience with and other specifics for future employment. 

Evaluating the intern and the employer and the site are all vital to student success. 

Feedback is more valuable wheen given on the spot the it is when waiting for a final evaluartion

Feedback is very essential to improve the performance.

It is important that the student receive constructive and positive feedback frequently. It is hard to change a behavior if the person doesn't know they are doing it wrong. This should come from the preceptor, the company supervisor and the instructor. 


very important 


The evaluation process is always a very important one. I have learned that it is imperative to assess the interns experiences both before and after the internship. As with any learning, it is a must to review the learning objectives to ensure they were met. The intern will need to be assessed to determine whether he or she is ready for full-time employment. The employer will need to complete the process of giving ongoing and continuous feedback on the intern's progress throughout the entire intenship. This will allow the intern to ask questions about things that may be misunstood or to garner more knowledge in areas where there are deficits. This information will be used to provide future interns with data that can be used to determine future expectations. 


Evaluation of internships should be conducted to assess the students knowledge, provide a way for students to ask questions, resolve issues and obtain an understanding of the internship. The evaluations must be done in a timely manner, be objective, not done in front of classmates and should be sanwiched in nature. Sandwich Evaluations begin with a positive statement, then things to work on and then ends in a positiv e note.

Specific site evaluation is important for feedback and for the next students to be assigned. It should meet the criteria specified for the site as a useful tool for student learning.


Feedback should be based on objectives, but also includes a professional component as you are building them up and shaping them into the employee you would want to hire.  Of course the evaluation should be done privately.  


Feedback is something that not everyone takes the best, but it is important to help students grow and learn


The internship program must allow for exchange of ideas/veiwpoints. Journaling helps with prioritization and meeting goals.


Feedback and evaluation of both parties involved are crucial.  It will serve to bettering the programs, quality education, quality future employee.


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