Jose Tribiana

Jose Tribiana

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Mostly we are concerned with hard skills that we forget to develop our soft skills. But, people's skills and soft skills are more important.

It is important to be able to write a journal paper about their experiences which can be the basis for some adjustments/ consideration in changing some objectives of the internships.

It is important for supervisor to share knowledge, manage, and evaluate performance of the intern.

Documentation is one of the important component of learning. One can review what was done and be able to go through it to practice and be proficient until it becomes the norm for his/her activities.

One of the most important learning aspect in internship is behavior modification. Be able to learn the attitude and behavior in dealing with various situations.

Basic knowledge is important to review because most of the knowledge application is based on the previous basic knowledge.

Providing more rapport, support and attention to their needs with the PTSD and TBI students will enhance their participation and success in school.


Great to know the IEP. It surely can help students in their future endeavor and success.


I learned the difference between PTSD and TBI. PTSD is a mental problem causing heightened reaction to events due to previous exposure while, TBI is a structural injury to the brain causing mental cognitive and memory problems. Distiguishig this two is important in planning how to approach them in the learning process.


These children who experienced early childhood trauma and even those who came from war, are generally disturbed. They have difficulty of concentration. However, I have observed that they also show obsessive compulsive behavior.


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