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The most significant information about each generation is the explanation given as to why and how each generation perceives info differently. Knowing persons' orientations provides for more in depth discussions and sharing of differences and similarities, which can make for "a-ha" moments in everyone.


This module really points out that not everyone is the same. It also includes because of the ladder that everyone has a different way of learning. Being able to identify what students are in the class will me the instructors job easier by adjusting their way teaching.

From this topic I learned how different each generation is from one another, and how their experiences shape their behavior.  I intend to apply this to better understant students and how their experiences may impact theri behavior/performance in class.  This will help me by being able to seeing things through a different generations perspective.  By understanding "where a student is coming from", I can try to engage him/her more in the class with more success.

Growing up in the 90's and 2000's I began with a VCR, overheads at school, no cell phones. As I grew up more things were being invented and I was bale to live through that. I believe technology has changed the world and the way we learn. But it is a great tool to use. Every generation got to see inventions of their own and the way the learned is different. No matter what, in the classroom we should always remeber that not everyone is tech savvy so we need to help in any way we can. 

I see everyday how students rely on their technology. As someone a little older and from a different generation, I still see the importance of them learning how to use reference books and actual papers as well. Having worked in a healthcare setting I have seen where technology is all fun and games until there is a power outage. Watching people freak out when they had to go back to paper and pen Doctors orders.

I have learned that these generations have different and unique learning styles.


In a daily basis I see  how students have different ways of learing styles. The new gerneration rely more on their technology.  And older generations prefer books rather than make use of technology.  By understanding this I can apply the different learing styles in the classroom.

I have a better understanding for my students in their different learning styles. 

I learned they are different styles of learners

I think its very important to learn that each student has their own way of understanding and learning. It is impertive that the instructor can acknowledge that and mold their teaching style to each student. 


learning styles are different for everyone. It is good to incorporate many styles into the class room and as well as be mindful of what the student population consists of when designing your teaching style.


I witness alot of truth from the information recieved within my classroom.

Over the years, I've been had the opportunity to teach students from 18-72 years of age.  I have to use different learning styles everyday in order to keep the students engaged, but it really depends on the student.



i am able to understand the different learning styles of each generation as how different avaliable  technology was for each generation

Learning the different ages and what and how they learn


I have learn ed that we, instructors, don't really know much of generations that have come after us. I have, however, realize that my teaching straytegy must adept to new learning abilities and use content appropreately..


To properly deal with and manage diverse generations we must understand everyone as individuals. Ultimately, most of all people just wants to feel valued and appreciated. 

How we can adjust our teaching techniques and approaches based on our generational audience. 


This information is very informative to help understand the different generations way of learning. When instructors can identify the student's type of generation it will be easier to teach at their level.