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I have learn to not be so authoritarian in the classroom and not be so strict with rule enforcement with adult learners.  The module ED102 has given me insight on my style in the classroom.   I as an instructor have to reflect understanding and support to assist students in success.

Celebrate success

Students should always get engage in group activities and acknowledged their participation to inrease their self-empowerment

This module provided strategies for building on empowering assignments that are rigorous, meaningful, and applicable to real-world experiences and/or problems. Lastly, modeling career portfolios so our students are able to showcase their achievements, skills, and talent.

Apparently, being out of the job market for 20 years has blinded me to the changes that are taking place in the hiring practice. A cover letter and resume once were the gold standard; and woe betide if your resume was longer than a page unless you had many publications on a CV. Now a career portfolio seems to be gaining traction, which was something artists and photographers were familiar with in a way, but now is for everyone. Very interesting.

A good portfolio can set you apart! The benefits of developing a career portfolio go beyond having a useful tool to showcase yourself. Through the effort of identifying, writing about, and organizing your experience, education, skills and accomplishments, you will be prepared to speak easily and confidently about yourself to prospective employers.


A well prepared portfolio will assist a prospective employer what real life experence the student has accomplished.  Students need to know that their online profile is public for everone.

assignments help students to integrate their academic and career skills by applying them to authentic real-world problems

Give students a reason to learn

Help students come up with Career portfolios.

Empowering assignments should be authentic and challenging so they will encourage students to engage in exploring and reflecting on how well their learning experiences fit their interests, aptitudes and career aspirations. 

I learned the importance of badges for students. It will indicate highlights of students' journey toward their skills recived 

Very informative


I liked the use of Badges for real life experience and learning.  Gives the student motivation to be invilved in their own learning and be responsible for the choices they are making to achieve their goals.

This gives the student  motivation to work towards a tangable goal. This is motivation to learn throgh precise, well developed sequential steps.

Badges can help students when they apply to jobs.

"badges" becomes a bucket list for students

enjoy badges .. 

Symphatizing and empowerment leadership  by example. Leadeing a classroom full of adult learners.