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Components of the Flipped Classroom | Origin: ED124

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Flipping Your Classroom --> Components of the Flipped Classroom

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

That there are many versions/approaches to the flipped classroom. 


The technology for the flipped class room is endless and its good to know instructors can lear from their peer that have mastered the concept already


I have learned that there is a lot of technology that can help with the flipped classroom and learning about the technology is important to the teacher and student


Making sure that I know the newest and lastest technology and that I am able to help my student through any issues they might have will be helpful.

I teach at a virtual school so the flipped classroom works well with preparing the students so we can have a discussion in class since our time is short.

SO helpful.

I learned that I can use my LMS or SMART board to house the video lectures for my students. 

I appreciated the information about the various learning theories and models that informed and validate the use of the flipped classroom.  It helped to solidify for me the sound reasoning for using this method and the many advantages to implementing it in the classroom.

I learned that the flipped classroom is more student centered.


Flipping the classroom is a fundamental strategy that when used correctly should eleviate learning potential for the student.  Utilizing the different techniques of Flipping a classroom can also address individual student issues such as maiting focus and attention. And bottom line, if it is good for the student's learning, then it should raises the learning of the class as a whole as well!!


The multiple options motivate me!

Each instructor needs to find the correct version of flipping the classroom.


Flipping the classroom will improve the learning process for students allowing them to think more deeply about the content. In addition, placing students in groups while completing homework keeps students engaged and stimulates critical thinking. 

I'm really liking this module. It gives me a lot of ideas on how I can attempt to engage my students rather than bore them to tears. I remember sitting in those seats, it was difficult! I wasn't engaged in the least. I want to give my students what I was never given myself. 

Components of the flipped classroom include technology, but also the instructor's ability to introduce the content so the students understand what they are looking for, or taking away from it, the ability to monitor that students are actually viewing the resources outside of class, and the ability to assess what they are learning. Instructors muswt also understand how they will run the classroom portion and plan activities that will actually take the knowledge and comprehension learning of the pre-recorded lectures or other resources to the higher application level.


There are many factors that go into flipping a classroom, for one is the amount of technology and reliable internet the students have available. Therefore the effort needs to be student-based learning to allow them the opportunity to absorb the content at their pace.  

Student "access" to the pre-recorded lecture material is very hard to guarantee. My biggest question would be how much time do you spend  going over what should have been watched at home while other students are eagerly waiting to move on and get more in-depth with the material. I love the idea of a flipped classroom but there are a lot of logistical headaches if you truly are making sure each student has equa accessibilit.

Reply to Brad Kerr's post: Truly, the pandemic has certainly revealed the disparities between what students have or don't have access to.

I think the flipped model is very unique and engaging, and I'm glad I was able to learn about it and methodology for implementing it. There are some aspects that'd I'd like to incorporate in my courses, specifically supplemental materials for students to look into and return to discuss in person.

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