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Planning and Preparation | Origin: ED101

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Effective Teaching Strategies --> Planning and Preparation

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too. 

It is important to have a note pad to keep up with you need to do for a particular student.

I think it's important on my first day to have a checklist to make sure I cover all the important topics for that first session.


Being prepared isn't just for beginning class, it carries through to during instruction and after classroom hours.


Setting the tone in classroom settings. Allowing students to understand who you are as a person. Always keeping a notepad handy. 

I would maintain that it is far more important for a teacher to know the student's names, than for the students to know the teacher's name.  And to nail that point a little more, if a teacher really wants to impress students with their background and credibilty, just hand out a resume at the end of the class period.  Using the class time for maximizing learning of content sends the message that the content is the reason for being there.  All that said, having a way to learn a little about each student during every class enhances a culture of caring, and greatly enhances their motivation to achieve what they come to class for in the first place.

In this module, instructor should set the goals beginning of the class for the students, so the students and the instructor will able to acheive the objectives towards the end of the class.       

It is important to be prepared as much as possible.  This shows students you are invested in your role and their education. 


The need for instructor preparation is predominant in this module. Preparation not only includes having required materials ready for the course start, but goes further and includes student interaction and the establishment of a sense of "belonging" in the classroom.

I think it's important to not only provide the students with the objectives of the course but also to understand their objectives as well, to be able to tailor the class to their learning styles and expectations. 

It is essential to outline what the expectations from the begining, be very clear about what the class objectives are and ensure students understand the content.


Its importanat to be prepares for your students. Make sure you know the class objective and your class has all they need to understnad the objectives.


The ABCD of instruction - A-Audience, B-Behavior, C-condition and D-Degree - those are great parameters to engage students.


I plan to go through the preterm checklist and validate all my links and material are working. Reviewing the objectives and making them granular so students will have a very clear understanding on what each weeks topics will focus on.


It is important to have a checklist and to validate the links and assignment material.

This module was extremely useful and knowledgeable on how to be effective in teaching a course. More specifically, creating course outlines, a good syllabus, teaching strategies, goals & objectives, and picking the best instructional tools such as the best textbook.


I was very lucky in nursing school that our objectives were incredibly well designed.  They were so well done that there was no doubt on how to study.  If one completed/answered the objectives and knew the information, it was almost a guarantee that you would ace the course.  I've been motivated ever since to provide that kind of clarity to future students.


The importance of being prepared and reviewing the course objectives.  It helps to set the tone in the classroom and a great opportunity to motivate the students in preparation of what to anticipate.

hold stuedents accountable and timely


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