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Essential Teaching Strategies | Origin: ED405

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Essential Teaching Strategies

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too

As I went through the course i realized that there is no one method that will fit but to use combinations or applying different methods to be effective in the teaching and learning process. Very interesting indeed. I just wished that the learning and journal portions would ask different questins.

I have learned over the years of teaching that no on method of teaching fits all. You have to be willing to adjust your course to the method that fits best with the present students you are instructing.


For this course, I've learned that there are several effective strategies that I could take to reach out to students.  I also learned that not every student will learn in the same way, so I need to have a variety in my classroom to grab each student's attention.  There are several methods that I was already using but did not realize it was an actual method and some that I plan on adding to my teaching toolbox to help me diversify my classroom.  


Direct vs. Indirect vs. Interactive instruction - advantages, disadvanatges and methods. 


Like many have mentioned, I did not realize that there were many different ways to approch learning. The best thing about having this course is learning the many ways you can garner new techniques to address the many learning styles that are going to show up your classroom.


I have learned many new methods to incorporate into my classroom. I will use visualization as a new method to guide my students along with practice to sharpen their skills.

As a new instructor I like the idea where an instructor becomes more of a facilitator of learning and students take on a more active role in the Learning process. The meta cognitive prompts is an excellent tool to get students to think. Critical thinking is essential in the workplace and if we can estab a good foundation in school that should carry them into the workplace where they can continue their education.

I have used some of these various techniques while teaching. I will try to icorporate the Catch-up and the Learning logs into my plan. 

As I went through the course not one method works completely. I like the indirect vs direct very interesting points.


I have tried quite a number of techniques in my classes. I think I like the learning logs. It will be very useful for classes that encourage critical thinking.

Using different methods will help student comprehension, so many diverse students with different learning patterns or techniqus, we can use the different tools that we have acquired and improve them

I learnes the use of different teaching strategies and how to implement them in the classroom setting.


We utilize all of the types of learning, however I could focus less time on direct during lecture hours and add in more indirect learning strategies.


I appreciated the clear definitions and examples of the various types of learning strategies, including direct, indirect, interactive, and independent.  It provided me with a lot of great new options to incorporate into the classroom for more effective teaching and learning.

I learned various ways of teaching strategies which can help me with teaching my students in clincial areas. I think it all applies direct, indirect, collaborative group effort and independent learning all applies to clinical setting.

Understanding that there are many different personalities that require teaching options that work best for each person and to provide that instruction with additional options to create that open communication among both the students and instructor.


This course has shown me ways to add to my course or supplement what I'm already doing in my classroom. I particularly enjoyed the examples given of each method. 


I agree

It has been challenging

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