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I have learned that there are various adaptive learning programs out there.  There are also low-risk alternatives that come im app formats. 

Assessment is always a roblem. Who decides what is to be tested, at what level is proficiency, etc. 

There is not only one way to apply assesment, specially when certain conditions might be problematic.

The instructor has the reponsability to ensure that the students have achived a certain level of knowledge and comprhention of the subject.

But this can be done in various ways.

The first step in the plan for impelmeting an AL environment is to develop an overall understanding of various categories of learners. It may not be a "one size fits all" plan but can be based on course content, learning environment and culture of classroom and students. As instructors, we should have a role in reviewing AL products to determine the most appropriate materials and resources that best help the student reach their overall learning objectives.

THere are many choices and alternatives of adoptive learning, some of them are very constructive and effective and others are not so effective for learning process. Too many choices also may create confusion among teachers as well as student. Finally adoptive learning is a new way of knowledge earning technique and we as teacher should accept it with open mind.

Reply to Nichole Basmajian's post:I agee with you here Nichole and just to add my thoughts to your wonderful post, each student is unique when it comes to learning and gaining knowledge, so there should be options for them to learn on their own pace with the help of their teachers. Thank you

I learned how to implement adaptative learning into our teaching and how to introduce it to the students to engage in this new learning.