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Adaptive learning is not a replacement for the instructor.  It is intended to compliment the instructor.  However, this brings into question where the role of instructor begins and ends.  In our school, we are already experimenting with an LMS.  Through its' use, I intend on trying to make learning a more individualized experience.

There will always be questions the computer cannot answer. Students will still need and want an energetic instructor who cares.

We currently use an LMS at our college; it takes some time to get used to, but can be a great way to organize learning. However, students need to take responsibility for looking at the course home page every day for information, as well as completing the lessons to learn, not just "get through it"

the most important issue to understand with Adaptive Learning is the fact that the instructor is no longer the most important part of the learning process, now the student is just as important.

The instructor is suppose to make Adaptive Learning a more fun way to learning than conventional teaching, the student therefore will repond to this new approach when he realizes that he can go at his own pace, faster or slower, and it will make the material more adaptable to his own learning curve.

This will not substitute the instructor, it will complement him.

I love the fact that as instructors in this arena we are not only the key stakeholders but are now facilitators and motivators to students.


Although educational institutions face numerous challenges but the need for educational expansion and advancements in technology have driven the rise of AL. As instructors, we are facilitators and motivators while the real stakeholder in Adaptive Learning is the student. They must be driven to participate and also have a desire to take part in personlized, individualized learning designed specifically for them.

Eventhough there are intelligent tutor as part of adopted learning, but there is always a snag in imbedded knowledge where the answer is partially ot totally wrong and students are confused by the wronf or not foubd answer, that's when the teacher has an inportant role to play and step in for clarification and providing the correct answer(s).

I learned how important is the instructor in adaptative learnig. It is a facilitator.