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Support Material, Notes, and Assessment | Origin: ED109

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Preparing and Creating Lesson Plans --> Support Material, Notes, and Assessment

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

Classroom support material and notes are important or lesson plans won't be as effective. Keep an open mind and be creative with staying current with information and technology. I utilize rubrics in the classroom for assessment as a clear cut way to grade, so as to avoid concerns or controversy, should it arise. Know the classroom demographic and learning styles while striving to make the order and flow of course content logical, sequential and engaging.

I find support material to be crucial to demonstrations in the arena in which i instruct. It additionally allows students to have a visual reference to their learning.




With the current down time we are having due to the's allowing me time to really re-evaluate how my lesson plans need work.  Great information here, and reminders of the importance of being prepared with plenty of information.

Maximizing the use of technology where practical and applicable will aid students who are digital natives. Using good supporting material is critical to keeping student's attention and providing additional opportunities to reach students.

Technology integration can play a huge role as a support material. the use of technology can help you reach all different types of learners in your classroom. It also helps the instructor deliver the content in different ways; it's one good way to maintain student attention.

this module has provided useful insight on materials and technology and ideas on how to use them.

I have learmed about the importance of putting things in perspective.  As an instructor, I need to find over the time the stratefy that works for me by adding variety in my teaching strategy and keeping notes.

It is ciritical to leverage support materials and technology to make the presentation relevant and provide the students potential tools for use afterwards. Making instructor notes allows the instructor to fine-tune his class.

It is critical to provide activities and resources that will keep students engaged. Technology resources are particularly important, as students tend to be tech-savvy. Use of tech resources in the classroom must be monitored, witha definite goal to accomplish by the end of the class session or students may lose focus and be distracted by social media, games, or other distractions the technology provides. TEchnology should also be chosen in conjunction with field standards. I will include resources for interaction, whether technology or printed in each of my lessons.

Understanding your students and their abilities is a crucial aspect of lesson planning. Creating enough content so the majority of the class is not overwhelmed or bored is necessary for the class to run smoothly. This will change with every class you teach! 

I am a new instructor and I will be teaching to a broad range of students whoes ages can range from 18-80 years old. The learning styles are going to be varied for sure. Since I have to teach to Marine Industry Standards for thier career requirments and Industry Certification. I feel optimistic in having the Standards as the foundation for the course content. I am a little anxious about presenting to the class however, I am sure those feelings will go away as I prepare myself by reading the text and Standards throughly and using Blooms' Taxonomy to create structure to the cirriculum. 


Both Lecture Notes and the integration of technological assets can prove to be very beneficial to both the teacher and the student.

Assessments are crucial to ensuring the lessons are having the intended effect(s).   Using formative assessments should identify any adjustment the instructor must make in order to maximize the learning for students.  

I personally use notes to keep on task or provide supplemental information not covered in the material.   I find notes an important tool to staying on topic and just as importantly perhaps - on time.


My big take away is the importance of staying current on new pedagogies, technoligies, change in demographics and needs. I would extend the point by anticipating the future. 


I am going to embrace technology because it will aid me and my students as a teacher, even though, personally, I have mixed feelings about the direction technology can take.


Starting with the end in mind and then working backward to the first point of contact can help ensure that all aspects of the learning expereince are integrated and align with the intent of the course.

Support material can help you better prepare lessons and teach students. Keeping up and knowing the latest technologies can aid in delivery of instructional material in the most meaningful way to students when traditional means will not work. Use of various assessment methodology will aid in and benefit students so that they understand what they are learning and where they need to be along the way.

Working backward from your notes and support materials toward the end goal is one way to strengthen your lesson plans.


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