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What's the Diff? Are They Really Any Significant Differences Between Private For-Profit and Non-Profit Schools?

After teaching at both for over a decade, I have not found any significant differences. At a for-profit school, there is more information shared about budgets, enrollments, and other measures of financial health. At a private nonprofitschool, that same infomation tends to stay hidden. Otherwise, I have not seen significant differences.

If anything, the private for-profits tend to pour more into student services and placement in an effort to boost retention and reputation.

What differences have you seen?

Attending a nonprofit school and working at a for-profit college, I have found it much more difficult to navigate at a nonprofit college.  My experiences in both environments are really similar but the one thing I have found the smaller the college the more open all forms of communication are.  The student becomes more aware of every aspect because the communication is always a micro environment. 

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