Interest in receiving accurate Career Colleges and Schools Updates

If anyone has found a website or source covering CCS updates, please contact me or... >>>

Resources and Websites That Were/Are Helpful to You in CM204 Admissions Compliance

I hope this question is okay to ask.  If anyone has any advice, resources, books, websites that help in the understaning of Admissions Compliance for Texas, please share if you can. Thank... >>>

Attendance Standard

    Can you clarify the statement for me for our school? If I am reading the highlighted correctly, the (10) day attendance rule no longer applies to students after they have past the... >>>

Texas Admission Requirements by TWC and TDLR?

I am opening my first cosmetology/esthetics/nail tech/massage school and it will be opening in Texas. I am a novice and need some help. I see on here that Admissions must be in the guidelines of the... >>>

Director Designee

With smaller schools in mind, does a designee need to register as a representative if they in the absence of a school director, the designee is meeting with presepective students and approving... >>>

Final Quiz

For the question. " In what instances is an existing school required to submit applications for additional courses of instruction or for course revisions to CSC for approval?  Select all... >>>

Unallowed locations for soliciting

If a representative heard someone at restaraunt or store talking about being recently laid off, could that representative offer their business card to the laid off individual, or would that fall into... >>>

Attendance Probation and Termination

As a school with program hours greater than 200 hrs, and regular attendance recorded and tracked,students are at risk for attendance probation when they exceed 20% absence of the course scheduled... >>>


What happens if some a Director completes the 8 hours of CCST online training but has not received the Certificate of completion and the CEU before an annual... >>>

FMLA(Family Maternity Leave Act) VS LOA

If a student in a non Title IV school insists on taking the FMLA what would be my answer. Is it not a violation of a Federal law If I do not grant the... >>>

Certificate of Approval renewal

How late can a Renewal of Certificate of approval be submitted and is there a penalty for late... >>>

Director Designee

Must a Director Designee meet the Standard requirements for a... >>>

Leave of Absence

A school director may grant an LOA after determining a good cause is shown. Are there limitations determining what an acceptable "good cause"... >>>


When schools create cohort partnerships, does the cohort partnership be reported to TWC? Other school will be instructing a degree based program forwhich that are approved on our campus (we offer... >>>

Continued education

What are suitable forms of continued education for a school director? For the 6 hours per year.... >>>


Presently, I am the only notary for my school. Is there a conflict if I am both the notary and the School Director on... >>>

Represenatives with Background Offenses

Our employer believes in second chances (hiring individuals with criminal backgrounds on case by case basis). Is there CSC rule that defines what a representative can have on their background checks?... >>>

Books vs. training

When a complaint is made that the instructor did not teach all the information needed (though a majority of the information was covered) but the specific information IS available in the courseware... >>>

Hours vs progress

When a program is set up based on attendance hours rather than specific points of completion in the curriculum, how does the TWC decide if a student is not progressing fast enough? For example, the... >>>

Franchise Occupational Expert support

If a franchise has multiple schools teaching the same information, can it share the Occupational Expert Board information across the centers? Or is a separate board required for each... >>>