Compliance is essential if a college is going to meet all of the accreditation and certification requirements.  College personnel need to be current on the latest compliance issues as they make program and course additions and revisions. This group is for college personnel who aspire to discuss and master the competencies necessary for exemplary performance and top customer service in a dynamic, rapidly changing higher education landscape.  Group members share best practices, ideas, thoughts, reflections, and resources to help colleagues across the globe improve performance. 

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knowledge | New blog by Alien David Gonzalez Oliva

not only i refresh my memorie i learned a lot of things i will apply to my work place and do better as instruc tor and director of the school.

Learned a lot | New blog by Philip Puopolo

Fully versed on rules and regs now

Keep your paperwork in order | New blog by Philip Puopolo

This seems like a best prectice to me.

Final Quiz | New comment by Melanie J MCDOWELL

I am interested in the resolution of this question

Interest in receiving accurate Career Colleges and Schools Updates | New discussion by Melanie J MCDOWELL

If anyone has found a website or source covering CCS updates, please contact me or post

Hours vs progress | New comment by Melanie J MCDOWELL

Thank you, Joe, that is a really complete saved me some research time!

Transfer of credits from another institution | New blog by Melanie J MCDOWELL

I will want to make certain that the rules about credit transfers are clearly delineated in our School Catalog and in sync with State requirements. This is not a gray area, and needs to be specificall...

Physical Notebook or Electronic? Which Format? | New comment by Melanie J MCDOWELL

I am also using both. I had to go buy a thicker binder for CM204. I am keepiing the complete SS 807 in it and the 132. Everywhere I go that I am not driving I read it again. I also am working on an...

Resources and Websites That Were/Are Helpful to You in CM204 Admissions Compliance | New discussion by Melanie J MCDOWELL

I hope this question is okay to ask.  If anyone has any advice, resources, books, websites that help in the understaning of Admissions Compliance for Texas, please share if you can. Thank you!

Attendance Standard | New comment by Melanie J MCDOWELL

The statement in 807.241. appears to be a double negative and is difficult to comprehend when it is stated in that manner. How can we get an unqualifed response?