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I am a retired teacher (25 years in Special Education). I hold a Master’s Degree in Special Education/Educational Diagnostics. 

Currently I work for The Institute for Addiction Education, a startup Career College in Austin, Texas.

I am widely traveled in the United States and in Chile, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, and Canada.

I am interested in teaching and being part of training viable candidates to learn the skills to become an LCDC Certified Counselor.

Currently this is the focus of IAE. I have been hired to act as the Director of Admissions.


reading, puzzles, games, sewing, painting and "junking", volunteer at food bank, hiking, outdoor photography, furniture restoration, and gardening


flexibility, creativity, act on my own initiative, integrity, lifelong learner, planning and organizing, on the job training instruction, numeracy, confidence, interpersonal sensitivity, verbal and written communication


I would appreciate hearing from others about your experience with ABHES.

Does your program use ABHES? Right now, we do not use it. However, I found a lot of useful information and possibilities if we decide to go with ABHES. I do not know what our state requirements are for this type of oversight and evaluating our program.

What has been your experience?

This is Melanie. I am starting today on this course. I would like to communicate with others enrolled in it at this time. Thanks!

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I am interested in the resolution of this question

If anyone has found a website or source covering CCS updates, please contact me or post

Staying up tp date: I have a chart to document updates as I receive them. I also am planning on viewing the Federal Register for information on Career Colleges and Schools in Texas.

My plan is to find online entities in addition to CCST that deal with Admissions for Career Colleges and Schools.

I also am subscribing to Career College Central.  I hope to find other Admissions Representatives in Texas for common discussion. I hope that I will find others who are amenable to honest discussion

Thank you, Joe, that is a really complete saved me some research time!

The possibility / probablility of employment is usually uppermost in a prospective student's search for the right training program. Not only does the training have to be cost-efficient, it must be cost-effective. Matching a prospective student to the correct training affects all that follows, including Alumni relationships, finding a mentor in the chosen field, where does the student  look for a job, and how does the student learn to handle employment websites, or physical sites. While the student is learning skills through his own distance learning, or classroom learning, the student is learning more skills about obtaining useful employment.

I will want to make certain that the rules about credit transfers are clearly delineated in our School Catalog and in sync with State requirements. This is not a gray area, and needs to be specifically stated in the schoold catalog that transfers are either NOT ACCEPTED or are ACCEPTED.  I will be doing further research on this topic for my own clarification, even thought our school is not accepting transfers at this time.

IMPORTANT IN THIS SECTION ARE THE "SHALL NOTS": no misrepresation about school courses, hours, fees. No solicetaion for students in public places.Enrollment of students mujst be presented to the student individually and completely. As a representative I cannot promise a job, salary or positions to prospective students. A prospective student has the right to change their mind, even after enrollment. A copy of trhe school handbook/catalog must be given/made available to all prospective students 

I am also using both. I had to go buy a thicker binder for CM204. I am keepiing the complete SS 807 in it and the 132. Everywhere I go that I am not driving I read it again. I also am working on an electronic one...trying to use Microsoft Collections. Any suggestions about that would be most welcome. Is there a better way to do an electronic notebook? 


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