Attendance Standard



Can you clarify the statement for me for our school? If I am reading the highlighted correctly, the (10) day attendance rule no longer applies to students after they have past the point of a refund? Am I right to assume that schools no longer need to drop a student based to attendance after they are past the point of a refund? The last term of our Medical Assistant program has an externship/internship component that extends past the point where a refund is due (generally after the first week of externship has been completed by student). At times we have had student's that need to be reassigned to another site. Sometimes, reassignment takes more than 10 days to find students a new site. My question is, once the student is past the point of a refund is due, do we still need to apply by the (10) day attendance rule if the student's placement extends past 10 days?  Assuming there is a no good cause for an LOA (Medical/Death).   






Hello is there anyone available to answer this question?

The statement in 807.241. appears to be a double negative and is difficult to comprehend when it is stated in that manner. How can we get an unqualifed response?