not only i refresh my memorie i learned a lot of things i will apply to my work place and do better as instruc tor and director of the... >>>

Learned a lot

Fully versed on rules and regs... >>>

Transfer of credits from another institution

I will want to make certain that the rules about credit transfers are clearly delineated in our School Catalog and in sync with State requirements. This is not a gray area, and needs to be... >>>

Great Course

This is exactly what I needed! I think it would be great to have a Texas Compliance course for Instructors and other staff members so they understand the importance of the policies we follow. I'll... >>>

Best Practices

To insure the Director's Designee is prepared, he/she should be cross-trained in the Director's job so that he/she is capable of assuming the role if it becomes unexpectedly... >>>