Look to develop new methods to encourage innovated... >>>


 It is not enough to survive putting out fires; the goal is to thrive (minimize firefighting) and stay ahead of the... >>>


Use multifaceted approach to spark... >>>


Consider the type of problem that needs to be solved when devising the plan for... >>>


Take multi-faceted approach to problem... >>>

Are you up to the Challenge?

As showcased on the training course, a sound strategy fosters significant structural change, a shift in the way organizations do business. Are you ready to navigate resistance and completely implement... >>>

5 Years From Now

I have question that may spark some great conversation: Imagine it's 5 years from now.  What are your competitors enving the most about your company?  Would love to hear your... >>>

When gathering data to solve a strategic problem, how vast should my scope be?

One of the questions in the final quiz was related to data gathering and analysis. How wide should I cast the net for data analysis? Should I consider other units or departments in gathering and... >>>

Strategic Buy in

I would be interested in how others have overcome the obstacles of past strategic initiatives that were not successful or carried out correctly and then getting those same people to be willing to do... >>>

Strategic Execution

After strategic thinking and planning, how do we make sure that "strategic execution" is carried out and... >>>


Strategic planning is not a linear sequence of... >>>

Problem solving group size

Problem solving through brain storming can often lead to bickering and disagreements within a group. It is better to start small, than add others from the organization after certain goals are... >>>

Creating a Culture for Successful Strategic Thinking

Can anyone give me some examples of how you have personally or you may have seen a company create a culture where creative thinking is embraced and questioning is encouraged?... >>>

Being creative with creativity????

I found this lesson interesting not because it required me to think creatively but because it made me think about creative thing from a new perspective. Outside the box thinking is fine for an... >>>

Group Creativity

This was an excellent tutorial. In particularly, I learned a few great concrete strategies for nurturing creativity in a group context. Honoring silence and pushing past it; allowing for wild ideas;... >>>

planing times

Describe a situation where planning time effectively benefitted you and one of your employees in a... >>>


What is best approach to have employees generate their ideas into a... >>>

group consensus

What kind of projects have you led in which you need to guide a group to reach the right... >>>

group projects

What do you find in the roles in group work projects... >>>

Building team?

What would be an effective way to build a team for a new department with limited experience in the department... >>>