Problem solving group size

Problem solving through brain storming can often lead to bickering and disagreements within a group. It is better to start small, than add others from the organization after certain goals are established. The leaders need to have good interpersonal skills to keep the group focused.

Nice to know your colleagues. Solving a problem really show the character.

One of the most difficult aspects of group problem solving certainly is to maintain focus.

Staring out with some concise questions regarding expectations or anticipated results seem to help.

Working as a group when schools are closed can especially challenge the foundation of having a meeting in a school building.  Thanks to ZOOM and Google hangout, there are opportunitites to stay connected and maintain the focus necessary for our students as they transition to an online approach to their studies.  The teachers at my school are working collectively to create the best educational lessons that are accessible online and also maintain the essential online communication tools.