Applying Innovation

I plan to use the information I learned in my current role with helping to develop and understand the steps to create innovative curriculum that students will enjoy and engage... >>>


be open minded. ask open ended question. take time to think and... >>>

practices to avoid

Always find a way to think positively and overcome... >>>

problem analysis

gather, idenify, take action, and follow... >>>


Not to focus on a solution but first identify the problem so you know you are finding the right... >>>

What I learned

Follow the given guidlines will be more... >>>

Strategic Thinking

Beginning with a Growth Mindset is important in any process.
M- I can learn from my mistakes
I - I can improve by working hard
N - I will never give up
D- I am determined to do my best
S-... >>>

Everyone has a creative side

Everyone has a creative side. Given the right tools anyone can be creative or imaginative. You may have to find the technique that works best for you whether it be writing, visual or based off of... >>>

Realistic Approach

There are numerous ways to approach a problem and solve the situation. always remember to do your research and listen to your team. Never jump the gun to just get an... >>>


Waying out all the important factors in a situation with a clear and positive approach will more often than not lead to better... >>>

Good solutions come from open techniques

Oftentimes the best solutions come for the most unsuspected places and people.  We need to open our minds to working with others in a judgement-free environment.  Some would disapprove and... >>>

Visionary Thinking!

Even though content, tips, and structure provide the tools to successfully deploy a strategic plan, I think it is as important to have a visionary mindset that goes hand in hand with drive,... >>>

Fostering an Innovative Work Environment

More people need to read this module and take it to... >>>

Solving problems in the workplace

It is very important to use all resources available to solve... >>>

Framing the issue

The best thing I have learnt from this course is that we need to do the more root cause analysis and ask why when we faces... >>>

Group Energy in Meetings

In meetings, group energy should be harnessed to solve problems, such as, the major issue of maintaining good student attendance and punctuality, a problem that can be found in many classes at... >>>

Institutional barriers

I work within a large educational institution with decades of procedural stagnation ingrained in the system. The processes of Root Cause Assessment and group problem solving will be valuable in... >>>

Strategic mindset

Great inside on how to generate the ideas without judgement was... >>>