Vincent Wincelowicz

Vincent Wincelowicz

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I especially liked the concept of connecting feedback to the objectives and rubric for a positive learning experience. 

In a sense, it took me back to my old Boy Scout days, remembering the motto: BE PREPARED! I think that the prepared instructor will be successful. I also note that preparation is not enough, you need to be compassionate and flesible. 

Consistent and intentionality is important in developing student learning. Using additional resources to ensure the growth of knowledge in a methodological manner. 

Very interesting topic, I had a mentor who said managing students was like herding geese across the road. Some will run ahead, some won't come, some will sit there and do nothing, others will peck at you. Online learning is different than classroom based learning and each student comes with their own individual reasons to participate, or not. As an instructor, it is important to strive to help all students and meet them where they are at. 

Instructional feedback that provides students with appropriate teaching points should be timely and encouraging. Engaging students remotely requires continuous monitoring and communication. 

The importance of establishing a one-on-one relationship with each student will ensure their ultimate success in the course. Getting to know the student through their bio, and finding things that single them out can be helpful. Providing the students with my professional and academic experiences with the addition of my hobbies, etc. makes for a "human contact" with each student. 

This is a non-profit association which promotes inviting students into the learning environment. 

To ensure the best learning environment for students, a facilitator must review the LMS, course content and connect with students. 

One of the things I try to remember is that students learn things for their reasons, not mine. Being mindful in my presentations of this theory opens up student learning as they begin to open their minds to new ideas and challenger their assumptions. 

Teaching is a creative craft, this website permits individuals to join in a group of individuals who strive to become the best facilitator they can be! 

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