Lori Brown

Lori Brown

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Understanding the student's intrinsic and extrinsic needs is very helpful. This will better prepare me to plan labs and lectures. I want to make sure the students receive what they are expecting and what they enrolled in the course for.


Based on this lesson I learned that I possess both management and leadership characteristics. I use both to support my team, students, and the educational program.


To be successful in any instructional course you have to prep. I've experienced a horrible instructional day because I was not prepared. I was a Sub for an instructor and I hadn't been instructing for months. It was a last-minute call so I had no time to prep. I felt like I was wasting everyone's time. I took the opportunity to get to know the needs of the students. The students didn't know I wasn't prepared but trying to keep my wits about myself was exhausting.


In an online course it is very easy to fall in to the trap of 'meeting students where they are.' I introduce the expectations of the course right away. I usually give an assignment to figure out who my procrastinators, noisy, and quiet people are. I learned this technic from my college English professor. The Professor gave all the students a daunting task to secure their seat in the class. We all were told to complete this assignment and return to class the next with it ready to go. Less than half the class returned. The Professor was able to… >>>

I typically make sure I'm very present in asynchronous discussion prompts. If the student's know that I will pop in the discussion at anytime they usually take the time to submit substantial responses to the discussion. Also I like to bring discussion feedback to the live course and discuss synchronously face to face.

It is very important to get to know your student's on an academic level. I like to know about their past learning experience and why they choose to attend the course. Having this information is useful if the student needs a pep talk. I will also have a good idea of the challenges they may face in the course.


This a great site for healthcare students. There are plenty of activities. You may have to create a free account to access the material. Well worth it.

Thanks for sharing. I will definitely try this website.

It's very important to be confident in your topics. The students will trust what you are saying and more likely to engage with an industry expert. I find the students are also more receptive when the course benefits them now versus in the future. I make sure the topics we learn an discuss can be beneficial and relevant to their day to day life.


As a seasoned instructor, i'm always open to different perspectives of teaching. What resonated the most with me in this module is preparation. I know how important it is to be the first to arrive in the class. It is a completely different energy that sets the tone of the class when i'm there to greet each student. The students feel important and they trust that I care about them and the knowledge that i'm going to share that day. 


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