Zerreyna Zahid

Zerreyna Zahid

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What can instructors do to make discussion boards more enticing to the student ?

How do you deal with a student who is being disruptive to the class?

With online teaching, it is hard to keep students on tract. An easy way to do this is to make sure at the beginning of the course the students know when all the due dates of assignments are and when exams are scheduled.

the difference on how students can learn with synchronous and asynchronous learning

Figuring out who the students learn best online will help teach a lecture that way. making sure to have synchronous meetings with students can keep each student on tract.

three different types of virtual learning

Having online learning makes being interactive hard, however keeping an open forum and involving the students in learning helps 

When contributing to online learning, what are some tools you use to ensure students are participating?

I learned to properly prepare yourself before teaching eLearning. Watch how to videos an navigate through online before starting the class so you are more confident and able to help the students out at well.

Touring your classroom before teaching to see from a students view is interesting. Always try to build rapport with the students as soon as possible

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