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Creating the Customer-Centered Organization | Origin: RT105

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Raising the Bar to 'First-Class' Customer Service --> Creating the Customer-Centered Organization

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Customer service is paramount in any bussiness. At the end of the day the main thing the customer will remeber is how they were treated.

Customer service is the base of a business. Good customer service equals happy customers which means consistent business. 

I agree with Ian and Alex, customer service can make or brake any company or organization.

At the end of the day, the customer is always right! Happy customers will always come back for more business when they are happy with the service they receive. 

I thought the concept of companies wanting to be human was interesting. Small enough to offer great customer service but have the distribution of Walmsrt. With the power of social media customers voices can be heard and shared so quickly. 


The concept of the company having the human touch is important in the economy of today.  The expectation of the customer have changed drastically through the years and today's customer looks at good value and customer service. The customer  contact 20 people by word of mouth but much more through social media. So customers can make your company propser or make you fail. 

Switching your Customer Service gears to meet the expectations of each student in front of you will help them to be delighted with your institution’s overall level of service.

The bottom line of any business big or small is great customer service since that is the first step. It needs to be personable - put a smile on your face and happiness in your voice. You wnat them to return with no hassles.


Great customer service is the foundation of loyal/returning customers.

Students are customers so, I as an Instructor must take a step back before moving forward.


Creating value for all of your customers.

I found this very helpful.  So many ways implement customer service.  

Everything begings and ends with customer service

Customer service is integral to the experience of the consumer. This dictates how the company will be viewed by others as the consumers spread the word on the company or organization. 


Customer service is the backbone of any business. If a customer is unhappy with how they were handled that can damage the business' reputation. 

Customer Service is very important. How one is treated from the beginning of any "transaction" will set the tone for that "relationship". 

Taking time to build a rapport. Listeneing and remembering them. You want them to leave feeling positive about their experience so they look forward to coming back. 

Customer service is important in any workplace as it provides feedback on how to become better as a whole. By providing good customer service, you are helping to leave the customer with a happy emotion and they are likely to help promote your business. However, poor customer service tends to spread faster and can take a number on your business. Excellent customer services helps the customer to feel happier, find the business to be consumer friendly, and like their needs are being taken into consideration and taken care of. 

I found it really interesting that, even though the general consensus is to keep and retain every costumer possible, that some individuals cost more than they are worth to keep. It goes against the "customer is always right" narrative but logically makes a lot of sense. However, it also makes sense that, if customers are very happy, they will have less complaints and issues, and therefore not "clog up" service lines, (like in the example). It boils down to trying to find balance between cost effectiveness while providing the maximum service possible. Bending over backwards for every demand can lead to total breakdown.


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