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It is important to keep your students engaged. Some ways to improve your classroom is to set standards/expectations on the first day and be consistent. Pair up your students with an older student as a buddy system to help them gain their barings better/ have a mentor. Keep an eye out for late students/ poor quality assignments. these need to be addressed asap in order to help benefit the student and to try to set them on the course for success.

Faculty participation in orientation is important for potential students. By intorducing your faculty members and allowing them to talk about their personal interests, history, and goals, this allows the students to feel more comfortable with the faculty/staff and see them as people. This allows students to form common-ground/bond with their future instructors creating a sense of comfort and welcome. It is also important to to have current students talk about their experiences, allow the students to interact with each other and get to know their fellow classmates, as this provides a more welcomingh environment for the students.

In order to help ease and calm studentsworries and fears, you should cover them during orientation. Try to relieve their feelings of buyers remorse by reassuring them that their decision to enroll was not a bad decision. We need to build the value of our institution by talking about our how long we've been opperating, size of the company/institution, why our institution is unique, discuss our success/graduation rates, how many students are currently attending the institution, etc. Other ways we can ease their worries is to have them complete group activities/ stations, answer questions/ give a quiz to see what… >>>

There are different levels of expectations the students have for their prospective institution, classroom experience, and their fellow classmates. As an institution and faculty/staff member, it is our job to ensure that we do our best to meet/exceed all of these expectations to the best of our ability. By meeting/exceeding their expectations, this will help improve retention efforts and make our students feel that our institution is student-focused, reliable, and stable.

By building and implementing customer service strategies, you can improve your customer service throughout the company. By implementing a united customer service training in the company, you can ensure that everyone can at least provide consistent customer service or be retrained on it if needed.

By being familiar with everyone in your business and through effective department to department communication, you can better assist your students with making sure their needs are met and questions are answered. Having good communication inside your department and with the other departments, you are more knowlegeable and are able to provide better customer service to your students. By doing this, you are able to point them in the right direction and help them obtain answers faster.  

By provividing excellent customer service, adopting a friendly/welcoming manner, and taking our students needs into consideration, we will build our business's reputation to be a well respected and good place to attend. Happy students + happy, helpful employees= good business and repuation.

Customer service is important in any workplace as it provides feedback on how to become better as a whole. By providing good customer service, you are helping to leave the customer with a happy emotion and they are likely to help promote your business. However, poor customer service tends to spread faster and can take a number on your business. Excellent customer services helps the customer to feel happier, find the business to be consumer friendly, and like their needs are being taken into consideration and taken care of. 

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