Sharon Sims-Drew

Sharon Sims-Drew

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When applying customer service it's so important to learn from past mistakes.

Students are customers so, I as an Instructor must take a step back before moving forward.


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Stress at work can cause a lot of sleepless nights so, I got a pet dog.  I named her Pumpkin and she also is causing stress in a good way.  Job stress I've learned not to take home with me.  Leave it there and go home to see Pumpkins which is the way I reduced my job stress.

developing rubrics will help students meet their objectives.

Authenic assessment is good providing the feedback.


When implementing developmental academic advising as an Instructor you must have an understanding of your students.


I will apply more passive listening.


Students are not considered customers.  


As Instructors, we must remove barriers.  


What is the best way to describe it?

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