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Career Coaching Fundamentals | Origin: CS113

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Becoming an Effective Career Coach --> Career Coaching Fundamentals

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I learned that there are two types of variables that impact our students' abilities to make informed decisions: personal variables and external variables. Personal Variables include a student's needs, interests, values, and assets. External variables may include economic conditions, social factors, and networks.

- Bernard D. Holmes 

The relationship and building the relationship is one of the most important parts of being an effective career coach. Being totally authentic and letting the student know you are there for them as an individual is a crucial piece of ensuring trust can be built. Having one on one meetings early on is a way to ensure that each student knows you are there for them on their own path and will support them with their goals. Continuing check ins and meetings throughout their education is a huge piece of maintaining that relationship.

Understand where the student is coming from. Not all student situations are ideal.      

There's a fine line between being a coach and a manager and learning to balance that is a critical part in order to suppor the student rather than enabling them. Also, getting to know and understand students early on in the process and establishing a relationship of mutual respect, understanding, and responsibility is important in helping the student reach his/her goal. Finally, being empathetic is key so as to ensure we are taking into account the students needs, not just financially but also psychologically to assist them in finding an opportunity where they feel comfortable to succeed in. 

The student must respect and at the same time know that you are genuine in your desire to help 

I learned about the importance of Active listening and building an open trusting relationship that can move a career challenged client forward towards goals.

I'm going to work on improving my relationships with my students. This will require allowing for additional time in appointments so that we can identify potential issues and co-construct solutions.

I learned about the importance of understanding each and every student. Not all students have the same resources and or background. Building the relationship and taking the time to listen and engage with our students can definitely make you a better career coach.

I learned you need to have understanding, empathy and structurein order for the student to be sucessful.


I learned that there are 2 different advising styles: Managing and Coaching. Getting to know the students and building relationships is very important.

I learned to listen with empathy and understanding  by applying active listening. 

Relationships are the most important thing when working with students.  Do not make the student feel like they are not trying hard enough.  Make them comfortable and assist them with improving their job search and applications.

Build relationships are important and helping them find their solutions 

Listening and  understanding students is critical.  It is important that they understand that sending out a lto of job applications does not ensure getting a job,  They need to focus on improving their resumes and applications so that even if they send out a  few, they possess the wuality employers are looking for.

I learned that there are six core conditions for Coaching Success: Phsychological contact; student incongruence in the relationship, coach congruence in the relationship, unconditional positive regars, coach has accurate empathy and student perception.

It is very important to establish a strong rapport with students by actively listening and empathizing.  

I learned that although there are no guarantees with regards to students' clicking with their coach, there are several strategies coaches can employ to ensure students have as many tools as they need to succeed in their goals and career outlook. It's all about setting yourself (the coach) and the student up for success, whatever that may look like for each situation. One of the most important steps in career coaching is being an active listener and demonstrating that you can accurately assess what the student's goals are and how to arrive there using whatever tools/resources are available at the time.


This section talks about Career Coaching and the most effective factors that contribute to rhe success of the students.  Building a repoir with students and applying the coaching approach as opposed the managerial approach allows for students to grow and take ownership and work on bringing out the best of themselves.  I see the importance of being curious and supportive. In order to help my students' grow, become self aware and create and work towards goals, I will work at more of a coaching approach.  

I noticed that having a psychological contact with student is the first step.There must be some common thread to attach the coach with the student, otherwise nothing else works.

Ive learned that active listening is crucial for this role.  Up till now, my approach has been mostly controlling and not focused on the student taking responsibility for choosing. 
Going forward I would like to become more of a coach than a manager. I will create questionaires for the students to fill out which will provide me information. having one on one sessions where I take notes on the student's expectations and needs and wants. We will work together to build a better model to use when choosing which company the student wishes to choose. 


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