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I learned about the possibility of offerng our employers access to on campus interviewing. As well the 5 elements of Employer relationship and networking. 


So far in my time as CDL Placement coordinator, I have done my best to be specific, and organized, however, I am learning there are much more effcient not to mention "better" methods of keeping notes and assessing student needs.
Going forward I will commit to using the SOAP model of note taking. Also, I will make better use of the information on Best Practices in terms of submitting for placement verification, by providing as much information as I can, in order to help the process be carried out more effcient and timely.

I like the SOAP model. My wife… >>>

In my position, I rely mainly on interview. I personally acquire the confirmation, then submit that placement information to our 3rd party verifier. Having well defined terms and standards, follwing our acredeting organization's guidelines. In my experieince, gather the information can be extremely challenging. I must adapt to each situation. Sometimes, it is the student that will not cooperate sometimes it's the slugish response of big corporations and their sheer size that encumbers the process.

I have found that I need to hone my interviewing skills. A steady barrage of positive reenforcement, I must majntain an high level of credibility… >>>

Employment or otherwise known as Placement verifications, must be reported accurately and timely as well as effciently. Ultimately the data reported provides agencies and educators the information needed to determine the ultimate success of education programs. For the graduate, placement reporting provides real numbers that apply to them and their choises on whether they have chosen a field of study that provides more than simply knowledge but also opportunities in acheiving "gainful employment". In my position as placement coordinator, I believe that the data reported is proof of the programs success. Esablishing healthy working partnerships with specific realative companies that… >>>

Communicating via email, can be challenging especially given that human facial signaling isn't availible. Neither is body language and verbal tone. In order to offset these disadvantages, I must be careful in the wording in order to invole thought, and instill interest. By being positive and avoiding negative phrases like failure, or insufficient, etc, I can inspire the student through the communication and increase the likelihood of a more successful exchange and earning trust and confidence. 


This section is very Rogarian meaning that, much of what I have read in this section has to do with "lessoning the conflict" or "reducing the conflict". Most of the learners I work with are adult. The program which I work in is Trucking. Adult students are significantly more sensitive to conflict, and are easily put off by insensitive dialog or any notion of lack of concern on the part of the instructor or my position as placement coordinator. 
Areas which I have personally struggled have been my confidence and my patience. I try to be unjudgemental but I often… >>>

Ive learned that active listening is crucial for this role.  Up till now, my approach has been mostly controlling and not focused on the student taking responsibility for choosing. 
Going forward I would like to become more of a coach than a manager. I will create questionaires for the students to fill out which will provide me information. having one on one sessions where I take notes on the student's expectations and needs and wants. We will work together to build a better model to use when choosing which company the student wishes to choose. 


Consistency and converting course for online material is crucial. The building blocks for achieving this is through organizational skills, maintain a consistent outline of how the course will be laid out online and how synchronized and asynchronized methods and technologies will play a role in shaping the teaching design.

Facilitating a safe environment for the student to feel free to engage and participate. Empowering the student with the knowledge thier input is critical and taken serious. It is also important to engage with purpose and be careful of how cimmunication is delivered, keeping in mind that much can be lost by misunderstanding what the student or teacher was trying to communicate.


In an online setting it seems to me a combination of Asynchronous and Synchronous learning will be more effective. synchronous learning will be a very strong tool to use in engaging the student, and supported with asynchronous teaching design with the student further engaged by being held accountable for assignments being done either prior or post real time instruction. In all the success of the student and the teaching design, is directly dependent on organization, and communication. Organization will fortify the teaching pattern and benefit from results of a successful student completion of the specific assignment and or course.

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