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Mark Davis

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It is a great point worth noting again: Vets are more suspectible to scams because of the time away from civilian life.

It is encouraging to know there are companies that are 'military-friendly' in their hiring practices.

Unfortunately I learned their are many negative stereotypes that hinder vets. I believe regardless of what a vet says or does, some employers have experienced an issue with vets they have known personally. Moreover, Hollywood/media portrays vets in a negative light. I watched too 'Rambo' movies.

It seems as if research is the best advice, along with communicating with the LGBTQ members in the locale for companies that provide equality for all people.  The tough part is for LGBTQ members who live in small/rural areas who are looking for employment.

Role models and mentors for LGBTQ members is extremely important.

This country, my state, has a long way to go in treating people fairly.  It is definitely the barriers are more entrenched in some areas than in others.


I like the idea that motivation is the key to work.  Also, I think more should be stated about students creating their own opportunities/ jobs to avoid being dependent on 'the man'.

I wonder about the effectiveness of the laws in protecting people looking for employment. The employment rate for black/brown people is comical in some areas of this country.

Unfortunately the 'lack of confidence' extends to African Americans who are not convicts because of the high percentage of employers who associate color with crime.

Good information. I appreciate this concept of a 'Branding Statement'. This is definitely needed to focus on the positives while highlighting a clear objective.

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