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All departments in the school need to know in advance when a Job Fair is scheduled to assure that there will be no interferience with other department events. Advance planning will allow for rescheduling the Job Fair if needed. 


Understanding all the regulations protecting job seekers is paramont and to take charge of your presence with all platforms including reviewing what someone else may view about you. 

Knowledge is key. When the student understands the objections they may have to overcome then they can prepare for an appropriate responce with confidence.

I too liked the idea of a "Branding Statement" which is a similar concept to the "Elevator Speach". I to offer the Professonal Skils Ananylsis Worksheet to graduates. 

I found this module very insightful. How important it is to communicate with the online student and offer personal interaction with them. 

It is so important to be an effective listener and then presenting questions appropratly that leads the student to come to their own with your coaching them to acheive their goal.  

I learned to listen with empathy and understanding  by applying active listening. 

Recently I have been receiving requests to post jobs for students while they are enrolled in school. These jobs do not coincide with the students program of study but would help them with to obtain a part-time job. Employers are increasingly finding it difficult to fill their job vacencies.  


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Agree, course was helpful. The employer are not responsive to completing an employer survey for their emplyee our graduate. I will take this traing to implement a buy in and collaborative effort for obtaining employer surveys. 

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Could't agree more.

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