Andrea Hollingshed

Andrea Hollingshed

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Being aware of resources to assist disabled student is a win-win for counselors and students  Reframing beliefs is the process of altering your thought process to reflect positive energy.   This framing technique will empower students to be more self-confident and self-relient. 

As a non-disabled person, I was aware ihe many barriers disabled person have to deal with.  Yes physical barriers and employment barriers exist. The most damming barrier is the attitudinal barriers. Even though there are laws in place to protect the rights of individuals  with disabilities The daily challenges they face from programmatic barriers to personal barriers.are extreme.   

I learned what the term ABD means.  It is a brain injury that is consided external, it occured after birth.  

i was impressed with the list of tecniques readily available to implement when dealing with the physically impaired, hearing and visually impaired etc. 

My newphew was born (1994) with Achromatopsia and Horizontial Nastagmus.  Two eye disabilities that label him as Legally-Blind.  He was a gulf war baby.  As a small child he wore sun glasses because  these conditions gave have extreme light sensitivity and darting eyes.  Besides squinting, and being almost disabled by the sun, my nephew, CBS was not a normal child.  He was an exceptional child.  To GOD Be The Glory! I applauded my sister, her husband and the family for not treating CBS as if he was less than, special or not able to compete.  My neqphew, CBS was treated… >>>

As a School Counselor and 504 Coordinator for my school, I am aware that the tearm reasonable accomodations was coined to provide protection from discrimination and  equal access to students with disabilities.  However, most parents and even staff think the reason accomodations are put in place is to enhance student success.  I am guilty of overreaching at times to make things easier for students wirth disabilities. So, I have to conciosuly remind myself that the student is not defined by their disabilities.  Its important to know the protections under the law so as a Career Service Educator, i can advise… >>>

This module made me reflect on the distant learning that we were thrown into over the past 1.5 years.  This module helps me to already make plans / preparations for the upcoming year.  Learning to communicate whether online or face to face using writing skills can help bridge the gap between students, their peers, and the teacher.  This will help build a community and buy into their education, career counseling, goal setting, etc...

I gained alot from the steps to avoid and the Quesrioning Techniques.  Those purposeful questions elicits more in depth thinking, problem solving for students.  This is again important in allowing students to set and achieve more meaningful goals.  Working with students who are motivated is important, and working with students who lack motication is just as important.  

What I took away from this section was the importance and characteristics of "active listening', 'the GROW Model' and how to give constructive feedback.  From the time that I was a little girl, I understood how powerful the tongue  was, how it could speak life or death into any situation.  Becoming an active listener lets me know that sometimes a person just needs to communicate themselves and work through situations without solutions or judgement.  Construcitve feedback allows students to learn, improve or grow for themselves.  

This section talks about Career Coaching and the most effective factors that contribute to rhe success of the students.  Building a repoir with students and applying the coaching approach as opposed the managerial approach allows for students to grow and take ownership and work on bringing out the best of themselves.  I see the importance of being curious and supportive. In order to help my students' grow, become self aware and create and work towards goals, I will work at more of a coaching approach.  

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