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I've learned the importance of creating workshops, either through indivual sessions or a group setting, to discuss the details of job preparidness such as dressing appropriately, practicing interview skills, resume creation, follow up, asking for the company manual, and how to retain your job.

In this section, I have learned the importance of creating workshops for students on resume, cover letters, networking, interviews, maintaining employment, negotiating salary, and seeking advancement.  Several of these topics can be covered in a high school Career Service Department.  One important topic, to discuss with students, is sending a follow up letter. This is an important transferrable skill that all students should learn.

I go into each class at our Career-Tech center and teach lessons on interviewing. I learned a lot in this lesson that I need to add to my lesson. Also I plan on doing workshops on interviewing and follow-up so This entire lesson is important for me to revisit and use when teaching.

It is our job to help teach out students the entire job seach process. Starts with the resume, then searching for the role, teaching how to properly network and how to professionally accept or negotiate the offer. 

For students, it is important for their resume and reference list to be comprehensive and as thorough as possible. 

I learned that it's never too early to start your resume. If you start at the beginning you will continue to add your experience throughout your schooling.

I learned the power of networking and engaing with associations in your industry matter even for entry level job seekers.  Also getting and reviewing a copy of th  Employee Manual is important before accepting a job to learn about corporate culture and various company expectations of their employees.

It is important to write down all your accomplishments regardless of how small. This will be especially helpful when working with students who have limited work experience. Always keep your resume up to date and practice your responses before an interview.


Making sure students are building their resumes and practicing their interview skills.

It is important for students to not only preparing for the job seeking process but to also be prepared to discuss future promotion opportunities and negotiate for possible raises/benefits.