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It is very important for a school to be transparent.  All disclosures must be accurate and so should representations.  Make a student feel as if he/she are the most important student at the school.

Jeanell SikesCandie Zavala

  All disclosures must be accurate and so should representations.  Make all student feel as if they are the most important participant at the school.

I've learned that fully disclosing all career information and allowing students ample time to ask all needed questions is the important to representing any school accurately.

I have learn that core mission and values are standards that we continue to learn and use when repersenting the school and interacting with students.


Really wonderful to be reminded of the diffrence...A representation can be any statement by any school representative (either verbally or in writing) to students, prospective students or the community at large. 

Adapting to a new mode of learning is what we must relate to now. However, even in the new online environment of learning, we must still be transparent with our students on the mission, expectations and requirements for graduation so they cand make an informed decision about their accademic future and career choices. We must inform them of the benefits and risks of their chioces and help guide them to make that informed decision.

As an adjunct online instructor, I am interested in understanding more about the schools admission process. Although I don't directly deal with admissions since I am instructor if a student is interested in attending the school, then it would be good for me to have a good knowledge of the process so that I can advise them or point them in the direction of an admissions counselor. 

The new normal has created an environment where there is more virtual and less fece to face contact with others.  It is important to be transparent, accurate and yet maintane a tone of enthusiasm and committment to the student.


the new normal has created a new environment that we need to be transparent to

Transparency is key to ensure that there's no misrepresentation. Follow all policies and make sure every step is taken so that there's no miscommuncation. 

With disclsures and representations everything musst be transparent.  Factual statements must be published by the instution to all sstudents that are attending in person or through on-line courses.


It is important for all disclosures and representations to be available and transparent. This helps to foster confidence in an institution


Disclosure and representative are key aspects in providing clear information to the students and to build rapport.

 transparency is the key for all Institution.

Confirmed the best way to discuss possible transferability of credits is to check with the receiving institution. 


We must be careful in how we speak it could lead to a misrepresentation of the school and services we provide

The "new normal" has been an adjustment for all people in all nations. Our society is now more familar with virtual and online studies more than ever before.

When representing our school we want to be transparent as not to misrepresent to our students.

I've learned the difference between disclosures and representations and the importance of understanding the difference. I fully understand the role of each staff and faculty member and the responsibility that is attatched.

"Transperency is nothing without integrity...and utmost integrity requires up-to-date accuracy."