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Benefits of Ongoing Admissions Training | Origin: CM221

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Florida Admissions: Complying with the Rules and Regulations --> Benefits of Ongoing Admissions Training

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

It is important to only give potential students the facts about the school and its program and not personal opinion. The best way to ensure admissions staff is doing this is to have in-service training to help them understand the best response choices for different scenarios.

You must be very knowledgeble about your programs and communicate honestly.

We are Life Changers. We should always present information in a truthful and accurate way. We are entrusted to do that. 

The importance of never lower the guard reagarding training and constant improvement. 


To keep the culture of compliance and transparency across all our admissions and enrollment process. 

I learned that "fair consumer practices" means the honest, accurate, and equitable conduct of business and academic relations between institutions and their students or prospective students. Fair Consumer Practices can be considered the heart of compliant actions. 


Ongoing training allows an admissions rep to keep current on changes in the law or catalogue as well as examine their current practices to ensure compliance.


We must always operate in a culture of compliance and transparency - not only does information need to be accurate.  We need to ensure our message and the information we give is understandable.


Admissions personnel are to provide prospective students with truthful and honest information to make an informed decision before enrolling. In order to accomplish this, staff members need to have on-going, continuing education to ensure they are apprised of all the rules and regulations within their state and school.

There should always be ongoing training - it's very important that everyone is on the same page on compliance and have a through knowledge of the catalog. Any loan issues should be directed to FA - transparency is the key. 

It is a most as an Admssions Peronnel to communicate effectively.

What I learn in this module is the importance to give the correct information about the school to potential students. You should never give your opinion, only facts about the school. To ensure these practices are being applied correctly in admission is to have in-service training.

It is important to continue your education so that you can better educate the prospective students! Information is always changing so it is important to stay up to date.

What I learned in this module is that is important to be honest and clear with the prospect student and also provide actual facts about the institution.  Ongoing training and communication is key and is part of all sucess. 


Knowledge about the programs offered as well as communication are extremely important.

Always present the information in a truthful manner. Make sure not to make any guarentees about emplyment or licensure after graduation. Our job is to give the student the information needed and help them make a decision on if the program is right for them.

It is important that all members of the admissions team perform their duties with great itengrity.



You should know about all rules and regulations and apply them to everyone and yourself.

Represendting your facility accuratly and honestly is key, knowing the rules and regulations will keep you from misleading. 

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