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Staying Up-to-Date and Compliant | Origin: CM201

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Admissions Compliance for Postsecondary Schools in Florida --> Staying Up-to-Date and Compliant

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I have learned the description of each department. The process that I must take into account in cases of credit or transfer. Differences between Licensing and Accreditation. I begin to apply it by reviewing and updating them informatively

I have learned from this module that maintaining up-to-date resources is a stepping stone in staying compliant and gaining aswell as maintaining our student body and staff.

From this module I learnt how to ipdate my competencies nd skills to provide an effective service to the students and how to iteract with the different department of the University like student service, academic service and placement. I also learnt how an insttution can organize its marketing plan nd activity and how the admissions officer can be informed about the plan. Moreover I improve my knowledge about credit transfer policy according to CIE rules  

In this module I learned about the policies around credit transfers . I also learned what the difference in rolls are and what job is described to do what task. We also went over how important it is to keep up to date resources at your fingertips in order to be sucessful and informed in your descisions and actions.

Be sure to have the checklist available at all times in order to ensure nothing is missed. 

Checklist are vital to our job every day. It is import to have our resource notebooks update with the most current information. 

Be sure to attend meetings that update policies and information.


I have learned to stay up to date with each department regarding changes and updates.

I Learned that training is important and being able to ortanize yourself.

I became more aware of the interaction between outside resources, training, and the knowledge gained by investigating my own institution policies.


The importance of setting and maintaining a Resource Notebook with critical and current information. But also to keep up with the industries and everything regarding the programs we offer in our institutions. 

the iportance of maintaining up to date information and statying current with changes 

Transfer policies must be clearly notified to the prospect. On the other hand, obtaining updated information on changes is a commitment of the upper and middle management, since they have the responsibility to share the information for the benefit of all the components of the company.

I have learned the reiterated importance of keeping a Resource Notebook, a review of Institution Staff and who does what, similarities and differences between licensing and accreditation, transfer policies, the importance of training and meetings, and will apply it by further learning about my institution and putting together the Resource Notebook.



The gathering of appropriate information during training will make the checklist easy and availble as needed.

Making a checklist allows the right manor of putting all of your information together. 

Various wesites such as the Florida CIE that give updated information.  The importance of organizational charts to be familar with what each department does. 

policies and credit transferes/ accredidation and licensing 

I learn to make sure i go the Florida CIE site to receive updatde information.   

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