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It has not taken long to figure out how a prospective student likes to communicate.  Once that method is determined, keep with it.  It makes your day much more productive in the long run!

I learned how to communicate with different generations and this can be directly applied to interviews with prospective students.

It is important to communicate effectively to gain credibility, so knowing the best interaction method for each generation is helpful. Our student base is broad, and as we complete the enrollment process, we have parents, grandparents, spouses and other friends and family members that prefer different communication tactics. 

it's good to know communication preferences



Not everyone should be lumped into one category, people change over time.

Learning the Communication process witll help us to be able to help them with all the enrollment process.

Asking the person how they would like to communicate is always best. Not everyone should be lumped in to a specific catagory and clarifying is the best approach. Never "assume" just because of their age is what is best for them. However, understanding the most effective ways prior to asking them is helpful to initiate.

It is beneficial to understand each person's communication style and preferences to create lasting connections with students.  


Important to recognize individualstudents and their preferencesfor learning


It is important to note that people may have different communication styles and best practice is to never assume.

People do communicate in different ways but there are "norms" on how each generation does commuinicate


Communication is such a key element in dealing with people.  Learning the best way to communicate with each generation can be a game changer whether it be dealing with students or colleagues


It takes patience to learn and understand how to each with each generation. Understanding each generation and the way the communicate makes for effective communication with them


Learn and understand different commnunication preferrences for each generation. 

It is helpful and relatable what was tought in this chapter, in retrospect thinking about the students that I have interacted with., it makes sense the generational gap is directly related to generational gaps. 

It is interesting to find out what way students like to communicate with the faculty. 

this is a good learning too for every day life

The correct form to communicate with differents generations.


It's good to learn someone's preferred communication so you don't waste time waiting for a return phone call from those who do not even check their voicemail.