Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith

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Classroom safety is an absolute must and should be a priority.

Looking at the differences between generations is interesting and helpful when approaching how to teach those from a different one.

It's important to consider the different support groups at your disposal, especially within the first year. You don't want to find yourself sitting on an island!

I think it's very important to focus on being the best role model you can be for your students.

I have a deeper appreciation and understanding of the history of CTE.

I learned the immense benefits of building student agency for higher learning.

The SWOT analysis is a very helpful tool to bolster engagement and spark learning.

I have learned the power of facilitating discussions over merely talking at the students. The socratic circle method sound very effective and I look forward to trying it in my classroom.

I have learned the power of productive talk, and I will definitely be incorporating strategies that get students talking more, sharing their ideas, and restating learning objectives in their own words.

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