Bernadette Ferguson

Bernadette Ferguson

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I have learn that productive talk leads to learning

Having a clinical setting for students to practice skills that they have learned is a great way to check for understanding and mastery of skills that they will use in the workforce.

Having a plan allows me to make sure everything is covered and allowing for it to be flexible to students' needs is critical.

I learned the difference of formative and summative assessments and how to use both

The plan is important but not every minute of the plan needs to be outlined.  You need to allow for some flexibility as different groups of students will need need more or less time in certain areas.

The importance of safety and the why of safety being taught to students is critical.

Understanding that students have experienced trauma and the behavior may not be defiant take the time to know the student and what their needs are and the behavior you may find is not meant to be disruptive or disrespectful.

I most enjoyed the section on advisory councils.  I think having that partnership and transferring that information to the class is very important.

The professional element of having boundaries and not treating students as peers was a great reminder for establishing clear boundaries with students to set the tone and expectations of behaviors from not only the students but the instructors as well.

I learned about the 12 elements and the history of CTE.  I was unaware of the history and never really thought about all that goes into CTE

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