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Your First Year as a CTE Teacher (Part 1) --> Engaging Students in the Learning Process

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too. 

I was very grateful to find the website for PBIS so I can develop options for intervening in inappropriate behaviors. 


I will be reviewing the PBIS website for reference.  I also like the fact technology was stressed, I have already noticed if I ask the students a technical question they usually know the answer.

With is module it brings my teaching style into play, treat the student with respect and they will give you respect back 100%.

Students need to learn self-esteem and self respect to become a better person and maintain their goals in life. Trauma informed schools was interesting because it is true we don't know what the kids go through at home to explain sme behavior at school. We need to remember that in our teaching. 


SO much in education is about positive and safe relationships.  THank you for the resources...I'm bookmarking many of them for future reference.  

I was surpised to learn from our school counselor how many students in our school have suffered serious trauma in their lives. 

Always respect your students, we may not know what goes on in the personal lives, being understanding and supportive may win these students with issues in your favor.

Build relationships. Know your students, their strengths and weaknesses.

Building relationships with your students will help them feel more comfortable and confident! Always be understanding because we do not know what happens to them when they go home. 

I like how it talks about building relationships and making sure you and your students have respect in the classroom. Making your classroom a safe place will help everyone learn at their best. 

Building relationships with students is an important practice and helps develop trust. This helps make a student feel much more comfortable in the learning process.


Bulding a classroom environment where all students feel valued and heard is important.  Some students' behaviors may need to be redirected and the best way to handle the behavior is to speak to the student in private and discuss his or her behavior.  


Good stuff. Create a caring and positive learning environment for your students, build relationships with your students, and hold students accountable to their behavior and responsibilities in a fair and professional manner.  

PBIS is a good resource to have. Also, the thought that some of our students have barriers to learning caused by trauma should give us pause and cause us to rethink our approach to all students. Appropriately address issues that occur in class that present barriers to the learning environment.


I really appreciated the PBIS resources and the information on trauma-informed schools.  The statistic of 1 in 4 children having experienced trauma is eye-opening!  It reminds me that I need to be empathetic and mindful in all interactions with students.

Hold people accountable and teach respect for one another. Also, be multi demensional to reach multiple generations.

Within the HVACR industry, customer service is queen! As a result, this module gave me a lot to think about concerning what my soft skill curribulum should look like. Also, I have several resources for dealing with various situations associated with students. 


It is amazing what some of our students have had to endure.


Having the resources to help with Challenging students will be very helpful. Currently I have several and it can be a daily struggle for some.