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Maintaining and Motivating Boards | Origin: OP110

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Developing Effective Advisory and Governing Boards --> Maintaining and Motivating Boards

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I have been fortunate to have members that continue to serve as members. It is a challenge getting new members.

Recognition for a board member's contribution is a professional way to acknowledge their work

Making sure that if you create a inclusive, diverse group of indivudals that can be open to share ideas. There you have a good committe or board. 


I learned the importance of Board recognition. 

I had never heard about Robert's Rule of Order before this module, so learning of this resource has been invaluable. I also believe that the information provided will help our organisation develop a standard for maintaining effective professional development. 

As all humans, board members need to feel appreciated and motivated. 


There is a lot of common sense in the content of the module.  

In order to effectively maintain and motivate a board, a few things need to take place including professional development, recognition, and proper communication. I believe that offering individuals on a board professional development is also a form of recognition or thanks for their time and service. However, I understand and agree with the value that can be added by presenting awards or utilizing activities like retreats for governing boards, where appropriate. Using concise, meanginful, and timley communicaiton with relevancy to the members' responsibilities, using the best available information within context will create a more cohesive team and board. Without communication and consistency any team will not be able to meet their goals or know what is expected of them. A team needs to understand what has happend, what is happening, what needs to happen, and what their role is in driving the team to that goal. The same goes for a board, and the chairperson needs to manage a board as they would any effective team, with the best communication practices possible. That, coupled with recognition, training, and support will build a stronger and more effective board. 

Special puroose awards can take many forms

Advisory Boards should be allowed to run the advisory meetings themselves. This includes writing the agenda. AS the college representation, the faculty should be responsible in communicating the Advisory boards wishes through apropriate channels. 

It is important to recognize the contributions of board members, but this is often overlooked. 

I find that getting advisory board member participation can be challenging. Over the past several years we've taken an evening to have dinner and a tour connected to what we teach. our advisory board members have enjoyed this and participation is steady.

This has been a challenge over the past 3 years. I have been providing snacks and drinks and also sending out thank you cards for participation. This has helped with retention.

I learned that there is need for board recognition to keep members motivated and focused.

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